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Posted December 26, 2013

Coerced into the "Corner"

(co-erce:  to force (someone) to do something by using threats or violence)

Sorry this is a little late for Christmas but this tastes like pecan pie and is a heck of a lot easier (not that pecan pie is difficult) but this is faster and very good.

Pecan Pie Bark


2 sticks butter

1 cup white sugar

1-1/4 cups pecan halves

About 2 packages (approximately 12 sheets) honey graham crackers

Lay crackers tightly across area of lightly greased rimmed baking sheet.  Trim any crackers to fit sides of pan if needed  Set aside.

In large saucepan bring butter, sugar and pecans to a boil over medium heat for three (3) minutes, stirring constantly.

Carefully and evenly, pour boiled mixture over entire plane of graham cracker, spreading pecans around evenly.  Immediately pop into oven and bake for eight (8) minutes at 325.

Allow to cool completely before breaking into pieces and storing airtight.




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