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I'm always ready and willing to exchange and share experiences and knowledge in the field of metallic reloading with beginners and experts alike.  With this in mind, I have developed an instructional CD for beginning to intermediate metallic cartridge reloaders, entitled: "RELOADIN' WITH THE OL' MISSOURI HILLBILLY©"

The program originated as a Microsoft Power Point® presentation I use in presenting reloading seminars.  It occurred to me that audio files could be added to each slide and the whole thing converted to HTML file format so as to function with Internet Browsers.  This would make the information available, at home, to anyone with a computer running recent versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer®, whether or not Power Point® is installed.

The CD is viewed as a full screen 'slide show' with navigation and operating instructions included in the package.  The CD has been set up and tested to run on Microsoft Internet Explorer® circa 1997 or later.  It has not been tested on Netscape Navigator® or other browsers.

The total presentation consists of over sixty slides with step by step instructions, and discussion of equipment options, from the simplest to quite sophisticated.  The program contains many detailed photographs in addition to an audio narrative for each slide.  The CD also contains a file with a plain text version of the audio files, so the narrative can be printed out if desired.

The Demo link will give you a brief sample of the program, by playing three of the slides along with their audio narrative.  Make sure your speakers are on.  Note:  Please be patient if using a dialup connection.  The demo files are just over two megabytes, so they may take several minutes to download.

The demo will play as a slide show after downloading.  Just click on the slideshow icon on the screen at lower right.  After the slideshow opens, you can advance the slides by either clicking the mouse or hitting the space bar.

Depending upon your browser's security settings, you may need to manually OK the running of 'active content'.  Also, if you have a 'pop-up blocker' you may need to temporarily override it.

The audio should start automatically when each slide opens.  If it doesn't, you can start, and/or repeat the narration as many times as you'd like, by clicking on the speaker icon on the slide, at lower left.

After the slideshow ends, just click the back button to return to the Reloadin' page without closing your browser.

I'm not looking to make a living selling these things, but if you would like to add this resource to your reloading library, I'm asking $10.00 per copy, basically to cover my costs for the writable CDs and mailing.  If you're interested, click me off an e mail and we'll arrange to get one out to you.


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