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Howdy, folks. The Ol' Missouri Hillbilly comin' at you from up the crick and down in the holler. Thanks for takin' a look at our lil' ol' website.  Glad to see you.  Please be advised that my newer material is located on jimparman.com.  That is where the latest newsletters are located.  I am gradually moving the older newsletters to that site but many of the vintage ones are still here.

In my newsletters, I write about various shootin', huntin' and reloadin' topics, along with some family and neighborhood happenings.  The various products I write about are items I have bought for my own use, and there ain't nobody payin' me to say anything, good or bad, about this stuff. (They ain't sendin' me on any of them 'all expenses paid' guided hunts either, dang it!)

Please visit the Newsletters page for a table of contents and links to each of the monthly or bi-monthly newsletters on the site.

What you read here, will be as close to the truth as I can remember it! (Unless, of course, I'm pullin' your leg or tellin' a whopper, and should that happen it'll be pretty obvious.)  But, be assured of one thing: I won't write nothin' about shootin' huntin' and reloadin' that I ain't SAFELY done before!

If you would like to exchange e mail about some of the things you read here, please do so.  If I didn't like discussin' this stuff, I wouldn't write about it!

We always enjoy hearing from anyone who visits the site.  Click one of the email links below and let us know who you are.  So follow the links, read on, and email us any comments, suggestions, or questions:

jim@oldmissourihillbilly.com or ann@oldmissourihillbilly.com

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