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(Class pictures posted most recent first)

We have now finished class number five, which ends our class schedule for 2010.  Overall we had nearly 60 students attend our classes.  Students ranged in age from nine to seventy!  Some of our students were parents or grandparents who elected to take the class with their kids.  Most had either completed hunter education requirements in the past, or were born before the magic January 1, 1972 date.  Their election to complete the course along with the kids is always welcome when we have seats available.

For the younger students, parent or other adult involvement provides a big assist when it comes to fulfilling the requirements of the curriculum.  Statewide statistics tell us that 10 year olds and younger are not able to pass the course about 25% of the time.  Our experience has been that direct parent involvement improves this statistic dramatically.

Back Row:  Todd Cotter, Daniel Thiesen, Max Reeder, Shaun Abell, Timothy Fisher, Gordon Humphries

Front Row:  Jeffery Cotter, Jeffery Doty, Hunter Jorgensen, Baylee Schneider, Jordan Dugger, Kyle Humphries

The winner of the $100 gift card to Wholesale Sports was Hunter Jorgensen.  It is interesting to note that we have had students with the first name 'Hunter' in our last three classes.  In two of those three classes, the student named 'Hunter' won the gift card!  What's in a lucky name?

NWSC President, Jerry Barron presenting Hunter his gift card

Class number four is now behind us.  We graduated 13 students, including one who was unable to shoot last month because of a broken arm.

Back Row:  Joseph Konrad, Amanda, DeGraff, Garrett Estinson, Eddie Konrad, Sierra Green, Cheyenne Konrad

Front Row:  Makayla Whitehead, Maria DeGraff,  Casey Shenyer, Shawnee Konrad, Terry Shenyer, Preston Rahn, Hunter Stewart

The winner of the $100 gift card to Wholesale Sports was Hunter Stewart.

Hunter receiving his gift card from new NWSC President, Jerry Barron

We have been in contact with some of the previous recipients of the Wholesale Sports gift cards to see how they have been used.

We've already reported that Thomas Drake from our April class used his card, with help from Dad and Grandpa, toward the purchase of a Tikka rifle in .308 Winchester.

Jackson Moore from the June class was reported to have a hankering for a new 20 gauge shotgun, and was negotiating with Dad to fill the $ gap between gift card and purchase price for the gun.  What Jackson didn't know at the time; there was a surprise in the back of the gun safe at home awaiting completion of his Hunter Education requirements.  That's right, his parents presented Jackson with a Remington 1100LT 20ga and he still has his gift card to spend on accessories.

At this point we haven't heard further from our most recent gift card winner, so we'll try and report on Hunter Stewart's purchases later.

The winner of the first gift card back in March, was Cody Rasmussen.  You may recall that Cody didn't have a ride to class on the last day, so he simply shouldered his backpack and walked the roughly two miles to the Lodge to take the written test and finish his classroom work.

A recent email from Cody revealed that he purchased his fishing license, his deer tag, a knife sharpener, and $20 worth of jerky!

Here's some comments from his email:  "My dad had to cover some but they had a lot of jerky and I had $100!"

"Thanks to you all I can fish and hunt in Washington.  If i didnt get that card I would not have either right now."

Cody Rasmussen with his Fishing License and Deer Tag

We finished our third class of 2010 on June 5th.  This class had the widest spread of student ages that I've experienced.  We had students ranging from 10 to 70 years of age!  With the help of Hauser Lake Gun Club furnishing facilities and shotguns and Northwest Sportsman's Club providing volunteers, we graduated 11 students.

One of our group did not complete the final step, and will fulfill her shooting requirements with our June/July class.  (Makayla Whitehead had her left arm in a cast, and though she completed the field exercises we felt it wise to give the arm a few more weeks healing time before firing a shotgun)

Back Row:  Joshua Ryder, Catherine Reynolds, Hannah Harwood, Kily Fleming, Jackson Moore

Front Row:  James Reynolds, Hunter Hamilton, Makayla Whitehead, Conner Kirk, Benjamin Harwood

Two of our graduates had to leave before the group picture was taken.  They are pictured here.

Christian Millard with his Grandfather, Donald Congrove

We enjoy having parents and grandparents take the class with their kids when we have room.  Thanks Catherine Reynolds and Don Congrove for being part of our May/June class.

The lucky winner of the $100 gift card to Wholesale Sports was Jackson Moore.  In a touch of irony, Jackson was the one member of the class to score 100% on the written test, so it was perhaps fitting that his ticket was drawn out of the eight students eligible for the gift card.

Jackson receiving his gift card from NWSC President, Dr. John Belknap


Our March/April class is now history.  We graduated six students.  Thanks to our Northwest Sportsman's Club volunteers for break time snacks and helping with the clerical work, gun handling, field course, and live fire.

Back Row:  Tom Christie, Brian Drake, Bobby Purkhiser

Front Row:  Becca Kinney, Kaylyn Zastoupil, Thomas Drake

Again we drew for a $100 gift card for Wholesale Sports Stores.  With only two 'under 18 year olds' completing the class, the odds were pretty good.  The holder of the winning ticket was Thomas Drake!


Left:  NWSC President, Dr. John Belknap congratulates Thomas Drake on winning the gift card; Right:  Thomas redeemed his card to help purchase his first hunting rifle, a Tikka .308 Win with Redfield 3x9 scope

Here are some shots of our Field Course and some class members and volunteers on the firing line.



The February/March class was completed on March 6th, with a live fire qualification at Center Target Sports in Post Falls, Idaho.  Nine students graduated.

Back Row: Michelle Flugel, Angela Perrenoud, Randall Ayres, Stacey Cahill, David Borgman, Cody Rasmussen

Front Row: Theresa Belknap, Justin Hombel, Rustin Roth

The lucky winner of the $100 gift card for the Wholesale Sports store was Cody Rasmussen.  An interesting note here; lacking a ride to class on Friday, Cody simply shouldered his backpack and walked to the Elks Lodge, a distance of 2 or 3 miles!

Cody Rasmussen receiving his $100 gift card from NWSC First Vice President, Jerry Barron