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(Class pictures posted most recent first)

In spite of the fact that our instructors and volunteers very much enjoy providing Hunter Education classes, we always breath a sigh of relief when the final one of the year is completed!  We wrapped up class number five on August 13th with 15 students graduating.

Back Row:  Jessica Rasmussen, Anthony Rasmussen, Steven Nielsen, Walter Townsend, Rodney McCoy

Middle Row:  Allen Oliver, Jillian Adalsteinsson, Dylan Jubinville, Dain Townsend, Jude McCoy

Front Row:  Mason Patrick, Ernest Bruno, Casey Urlacher, Tristin Charbonneau, Journey Tueller

The $100 Cabela's gift card was won by Mason Patrick.


Left to Right:  NWSC President Jerry Barron presenting the gift card to Mason, Instructors Rick Parman and Brian Drake offering congratulations.

Class number four is now in the books.  We graduated 17 students in this class with three returning to complete the field day from our previous class.  Here is the group:

Back Row:  Joseph Dorosh, Gretchen Shorten, Correna Gibson, Donald Corson, Madeline Jarvis, James Dorosh

Middle Row:  Jonathan Ford, Benjamin Ford, Jamie Spinks, Kate Malone, Faith Pinney, Kyle Dorosh

Front Row:  Abigail Joppa, Connor Clouse, Seth Bleeker, Shane Corson, Kevin Beck

The winner of the $100 gift card to Cabela's was James Dorosh.


Left:  James receiving his gift card from NWSC President Jerry Barron

Right:  Rick Parman congratulates James

We have now completed class number three of our five scheduled classes for 2011.  We graduated eight students after our field day at Hauser Lake Gun Club  Our field day was a bit reminiscent of the one held in early April with clouds and rain showers.  Temperature in the 50's with little wind made this day a bit more tolerable though.  Here is our class:

Back Row:  Gabriel Keller, Nickolas Keller, Alexis Voss, Gavin Brubaker

Front Row:  Riley Campbell, Luke Fritz, Conner Campbell, Christine Egger

The hunter orange vests received by all our students are courtesy of the Northwest Sportsman's Club.  The certificates are provided by the WDFW Enforcement Division and signed by Chief Bruce Bjork  The lucky winner of the $100 Cabela's Gift Card was Gavin Brubaker.

Instructor Jim Parman presenting the gift card to Gavin

As this is written, class number two for 2011 is in the books.  Our field day at Hauser Lake Gun Club on June 4th ended with ten students graduating, including two Dads who took the class with their sons.  In contrast to our April 2nd field day, this one was bright, sunny, and warm.  Here is our class:

Back Row:  Jaden King, Brandin Colglazier, Jason Reser, Brian Davisson

Middle Row:  Bradley Colglazier, Zoe Ziegler, Lyric Ziegler

Front Row:  Kannon Carver, Logan Reser, Justin Davisson

As with each of our classes, students under 18 years of age, who successfully complete the class are entered into a drawing for a $100 gift card to Cabela's.  Here is the lucky winner for this class:

NWSC President Jerry Barron presenting a $100 Cabela'sgift card to Bradley Colglazier

Our first class for 2011 was wrapped up with a field day at Hauser Lake Gun Club on April 2nd.  We graduated 13 students who braved the cold, wind, and rain in order to demonstrate their ability to safely handle firearms in simulated hunting scenarios and while shooting five rounds of trap from either a 20 or 12 gauge shotgun.

This group reflected current national trends in the gender of newcomers to hunting and shooting sports.  The class was 60% female!  Pundits are telling us that the future of shooting sports may well depend upon continuing increased participation of women and girls.

Back Row:  Morgan McQueen, Kiira Larson-Hamil, Alicia Staton, Travis Rogers, Trevor Delmedico, Heather Lackey

Middle Row:  Lindsay Lyle, Makenzie Knoll, Courtney Tibesar

Kneeling:  Cameron Purkhiser, Gage Rogers, Lexis Lyle, Jeffrey Bass

In each class students under 18 years of age who successfully complete the course are entered into a drawing for a $100 gift card to an area sporting goods store.  This year the gift cards are for Cabela's.  The Northwest Sportsman's Club donates the funds to purchase the cards.

The lucky winner of the gift card in this class was Courtney Tibesar.  We'll check in later to see how she spent her windfall.

NWSC President Jerry Barron presenting the Cabela's gift card to Courtney Tibesar.