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(Class pictures posted most recent first)

Our last class of 2012 completed their field course and live fire exercises on August 25th.  Finishing the last class of the year is always a bittersweet moment.  The Parman family and all our volunteers breathe a sigh of relief that the preparation time, avoiding scheduling conflicts, and all the other factors that go into this effort can be relegated  to the back burner in our minds for a few months.  Yet, we miss the satisfaction of seeing students of all ages through the process of learning the tools to become safe, ethical hunters.

Here's the class of August 2012:

Back Row:  Teresa Hayes, John Perko, Witte VanDyke, Kyle Schon, Scott Marks, Joseph Knapp

Middle Row:  Ryan Hayes, Carson Neilsen. Tyson Learn, Rory Babin, Joey Marks

Front Row:  Galen Carroll, William Babin, Danny OKeefe, Brandon Cote, Mara Moore, Kaelyn Johnston


L to R:  Dr. Steve Belknap (President, Northwest Sportsman's Club)  Jim Parman, Kyle Schon (Winner of the $100 Cabela's gift card), Joseph Knapp (Winner of the $50 Cabela's gift card),  Rick Parman

On July 21 we graduated our third class of 2012.  Here they are:

Back Row: Joshua Voeller, Steven Mohr, Christopher Pitts, Christina McDaniel

Middle Row: Justin Flaig, Davis Wright, Ramsom Kunder, Erin Dashiell

Front Row: Jadon Stingley, Tyler McClure, Mitchell Olson, Noah Saldivar, Joseph Fleming


Instructors Rick and Jim Parman with our Cabelas's gift card winners, Davis Wright ($100 Winner) and Joseph Fleming ($50 Winner)

Our second class of 2012 is now completed.  On June 23, we graduated 19 students after a week of evening classroom sessions at the Elks Lodge, and a Saturday morning field course and live fire exercise at Hauser Lake Gun Club.

Here's our graduating class:

Back Row:  Reese Mack, Michael Beier, Ashley Kloepfel, Jonathan J. Rankins, Carrie Crosby, Mekonah Rankins

Middle Row:  Bailey Plumlee, Kandice Rankins, Micah Tenny, Myles Siegel, Emily Howard, Jacob Delger

Front Row:  Jackson Burchett, Colden Mack, Nicholas Beier, Cameron Kaminski, Colter Kincaid, Daniel Meyer, Jonathan M. Rankins


Instructors Rick and Jim Parman along with our Cabela's gift card winners, Nicholas Beier ($100) and Bailey Plumlee ($50)


Northwest Sportsman's Club President Jerry Barron with Nicholas and Bailey.  (NWSC provides the funds for our gift card giveaways)

Our first class for 2012 is now in the record books and the State reports have been filed.  We had 20 students pre-registered for the class with 5 no-shows.  Three of the empty seats were filled by students in waiting, so we graduated 18.  This class was, on average, one of the highest scoring on the written test that we have seen in recent years.

Field day at the Hauser Gun Club began with an issue that we hadn't dealt with before.  Rick, Drs. Steve and John Belknap, and I arrived early to set up the poster pictures we use for the shoot/don't shoot scenarios our students face.  The last station on the field course, where we hang the Mule Deer picture, when approached by Rick and Dr. Steve, had occupants.  A whitetail doe ran off a short way leaving her still wet and wobbly twin fawns standing just behind the posts where we hang the picture.

Everyone beat a hasty retreat, we found an alternate location for the Mule Deer picture, and allowed no one to approach the nursery for the rest of the day.  A photo of the newborns would have been nice, but we decided that no further disturbance was for the best.

We put the students through the field course in groups of 3 or 4, and then escorted each group to the firing line at trap house two for shooting five rounds at clay targets from either a 12 or 20 gauge shotgun.

Here's our graduating class:

Back Row:  Andrea Morris, Vickie Ward, Eric Erdman, Wyatt Erdman, John Valdes, Zachary Bruno, Collin Peterson, Amanda Camarda, Nicole Nelson

Front Row:  Brycen Bremer, A. J. Smith, Brycen Chittum, Dylan Mosset, Noah Terherst, Jacob Condon, Jen Condon, Kristopher Williquette, Christina Flint

This year, again courtesy of the Northwest Sportsman's Club, we are able to award each class two Cabela's gift cards to our youth students.  Here are the winners:

L to R:  Rick Parman, Andrea Morris ($100 Winner), Wyatt Erdman ($50 Winner), Jim Parman