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(Class pictures posted most recent first)

We have now completed our classes for 2013.  On August 24th we graduated 19 students for a total of 64 this year.  Here are the graduates.

Back Row:  David Bigler, Brooke Modderman, Braden Stejer, Sam Welp, Javier Valdez, Bill Weisgerber, Artemio Valdez, Jeff Pintler

Middle Row:  Colton Lodgard, Zach Seeton, Paula Pintler, Blaine Gustafson, Jessica Bowen, Freddy Murguia

Front Row:  Kyra Layton, Connie Pintler, Quinlan Shaw, Adam Thompson, Gabe Modderman

Here are the winners of the two Cabela's Gift Cards.

Adam Thompson ($50 Winner), Dr. Steve Belknap (NWSC Pres.), Sam Welp ($100 Winner)

Three down and one to go!  We finished our third Hunter Education class of 2013 on July 20th.  We had very few ‘no shows’ this time so had a near capacity class.  Our faithful volunteers did yeoman duty in getting everyone through the gun handling portions of the sessions.

We again had beautiful, sunny, but HOT weather for our field day at Hauser Lake Gun Club.  After a ‘walk in the woods’ exhibiting safe gun handling, muzzle control, and several ‘shoot – don’t shoot’ scenarios, students went to the firing line for five shots at clay birds with 20 gauge shotguns.

Here’s our July 20th class.

Back Row:  Nathan Lynn, Johnathan Stitt, Stephanie Murray, Ann Marie Spier, Shaun Whitney, Timothy Eitreim

Middle Row:  Donna Stitt, Mackenzie Holtorf, Maighenn West, Sarai King, Dustin Santora, Wyatt Eitreim

Front Row:  Chris Barron, Austin Yarnell, Kylie Learn, Logan West, Hunter Glynn

We again had a drawing for our students under 18 years of age for Cabela’s Gift Cards, courtesy of the Northwest Sportsman’s Club.

Left to right:  Jim Parman, Chuck Porter, Nathan Lynn ($100 winner), Dr. Steve Belknap, Hunter Glynn ($50 winner), Rick Parman

We graduated our second class of 2013 on June 1, 2013.  For the second time this year we had pleasant weather for our Field Course and Live Fire exercises.  We have held field days in previous years that taxed the patience of students, instructors, and volunteers alike.  Cold rain and wind make for miserable conditions, but the field days go on regardless of the weather!

Unfortunately we ended up with a small class this time.  The registration list was full, but we had a record number of 'no-shows'.  In a couple of cases, unforeseen end of school activities interfered, but in others, we have no idea why the enrollees would register for a seat and not fill it???

The good news is, we had more time to direct individual attention to the remaining students, so there is a silver lining to the cloud.  Here's the class that graduated on June 1st.

Back Row:  Reanna Howard, Michael Brown, Peter Reinhardt, Jared Stommes

Middle Row:  Landon Butler, Simon Xiong, Zane Smith, Marshall Gravatt

Front Row:  Jake Ryder, Andrew Schafer, Jared Austin

Here are our gift card winners along with Instructors and Volunteers

Andrew Schafer ($100) and Marshall Gravatt ($50)

In back are Chuck Porter, David Pierce, Dr. Steve Belknap, Rick Parman, Jim Parman

Dr. Belknap is President of Northwest Sportsman's Club, Chuck, Rick and Jim are our certified instructors, and David is in the process of becoming a certified instructor.

Our first class of 2013 completed their field course and live fire on Saturday May 4, 2013.

We put the students through the field course in groups of 3 or 4, where they were required to make 'shoot - no shoot' decisions, safely navigate fences and obstacles, all while maintaining safe muzzle control of their firearms.  They were then escorted to the firing line at trap house two and shot five rounds at clay targets from a 20 gauge shotgun.

I believe this class set the record for most perfect scores on the written test.  We had five students answering all 75 questions correctly!

Here's our graduating class:

Back Row:  Robert Ryan, Tracy Pierson, Tyson McCollum, Rob Van Bommel

Middle Row:  Bruce Burns, Melissa Ruchert, David Mayfield Jr., Bryson Burns, Luke Duffy, Isabelle Duffy

Front Row:  Adam Ryan, Sarah Humphreys, Jaden Mendenhall, Savannah Mendenhall, Tom Van Bommel, Tyler Pierson, Tristan Ruchert

Cabela's Gift Card Winners:  Adam Ryan ($50) and Tyler Pierson ($100) beside Northwest Sportsman's Club President Dr. Steve Belknap