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(Class pictures posted most recent first)

Our fourth and final class of 2014 completed their Hunter Education requirements on August 4th at Hauser Lake Gun club.  After four long evenings in the classroom at the Elks Lodge and three hours in the hot sun at the field day, students and instructors alike were worn out, but happy to see a successful conclusion to our efforts.  I'll also note that Nick and Machaela aced the written test.  We call them our hundred percenters!

Here is the class of  August 4, 2014:

Back Row:  Nick Landerholm, Colton Larson, Nathan Moisan, Tom Moisan, Mason Thompson

Middle Row:  Tyson Cooper, Michaela Zieroth, Arlene Galloway, Jaden Kruse, Gabi Sheley

Front Row:  Jamison Galloway, Jordan Eskridge, Cameron Sheley, Cole Tenny, Jason Kruse

Our Cabela's Gift Card winners were Cameron Sheley ($50) and Cole Tenny ($100) pictured with NWSC President, Stan Flugel

Our third class of 2014 graduated on July 19th.  Nineteen students completed our field course and live fire session.  Our no-show rate was much better this time.  Only one registered student was unable to make the class.

Again, we had an abundance of smaller students, but they were able to safely complete the requirements to graduate.  Here is the class of July 14, 2014:

Back Row:  Blake Butner, Roman Sissons, Heather Ramsey, Mark Kelly, Jennifer Bromley

Middle Row:  Gage Larsen, Kierstin Loosier, Jordan Searls, Alexander Lee,  Janessa Kelly, Conner Stitt, Mykah Durkin

Front Row:  Kyle Groves, Cameron Timko, Brendan Kelly, Sorrel Stewart,  Mollee Gray, Ty Gray, Tyler Searls

Here are our Cabela's Gift Card winners:  Brendan Kelly ($100)  and Mykah Durkin ($50) pictured with Stan Flugel, NWSC President.

May 10th again found us at the Hauser Lake Gun Club for our field day with our second class of 2014.  The same tour of duty that all our classes follow, with a field course and live fire was conducted.  This class was only 13 in number as we had 6 people registered that didn't show up, and one that dropped out after the first day.  This class did include some of the smaller students we have had over the years.  These guys sometimes struggled, but they all safely completed the necessary requirements to graduate!

We continue to try various methods to minimize no-shows, but it still seems to occur.  Our class registration quota fills up very quickly so we know there are others who would be glad to fill those no-show seats if they had the opportunity.

Here's our graduating class:

Back Row:  Bronson Bjerke, Amanda Prince, Taylor Fleming, McKinsey Hart, Eric Strom

Middle Row:  Nicholas Bunnell, Brandel Bjerke, Jamie Kennedy, Justin Webb

Front Row:  Landen Ervin, Landon Brewer, Owen Prince, Ashton Strobel


Checking those gift card tickets as Rick reads the numbers


Landen Ervin ($50) and Jamie Kennedy ($100) along with NWSC President Dr. Steve Belknap

Our first class of 2014 completed their field course and live fire at Hauser Lake Gun Club on Saturday April 5th.

The students navigated a field course in groups of 3 or 4, where they were required to make 'shoot - don't shoot' decisions and safely navigate fences and obstacles, all while maintaining safe muzzle control of their firearms.  They were then escorted to the firing line at trap house two and shot five rounds at clay targets from a 20 gauge shotgun.

Here's our graduating class:

Front Row:  Gabriel Kimberling, Brandon West, Madison Burnett, Katherine Preuschoff

Middle Row:  Maddison Thompson, Stacey Foster, Tiffany Bailey, Holly Thompson Duffy, Kennedy Eikum

Back Row:  Doug Bailey, Shaun Duffy, Charlotte Preuschoff, Joel Brooks, Eric Sabie, Devin Sabie


Here are our Cabela's Gift Card winners:

Pictured are Brandon West ($50 Gift Card) and Kennedy Eikum ($100 Gift Card) with Dr. Steve Belknap, NWSC President


Here are Brandon, Dr. Steve, and Kennedy, along with the rest of our Certified, and soon to be Certified Instructors:  Chuck Porter, Jerry Barron, Stan Flugel, Rick Parman, and Michelle Flugel