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VOLUME 14-------------AUGUST 2003



Yep, the Ol' Hillbilly's bein' lazy again.  Already 8 days into August, and no monthly newsletter 'till now!  I've got all kinds of good excuses though.  (The Little Heifer says I have excuses enough for any 10 normal people.)

One of the recent happenings includes a new travel trailer that Ann bought on June 14th.  It's a 29 foot Nomad, by Skyline with a large slide out that makes as much floor space as our first apartment!  (Well, almost!)

Little Heifer's new house.

One of the first serious duties for the new rig was serving as headquarters for Jennifer's 7th birthday party at Silverwood Theme Park in Athol, ID.  Grandma and I stayed in Silverwood's RV park and served the  ice cream, hot dogs, ice cream, and ice cream for Jennifer and two of her school friends, Anna and Alex.  Also in attendance were Christi, Rick, Tammy, Jered, and Dillon.

Jennifer's the one in the middle.

The day after the birthday party, we hooked up again and trekked off to a National Forest campground just west of Lolo Pass on the Idaho/Montana border.  Lolo Pass is about 50 miles Southwest of Missoula, Montana.  We spent 3 nights in Powell Campground, just relaxin' and enjoyin' the quiet.  Rick, Christi, and Jennifer spent one night with us at Powell, before returning home on Sunday, August 3rd.

We spent Monday night in Missoula, and I met with Craig, the hunting department manager at Sportsman's Warehouse - www.sportsmanswarehouse.com  on Tuesday morning.  We reviewed a Power Point presentation that I have put together on metallic cartridge reloading.  We're discussing having me do a reloading seminar for the store sometime this winter.

While we were at the Sportsman's Warehouse Ann bought a new addition to her cowboy action battery.  Marlin put out a Model 1894 "Cowboy Competition" lever action rifle a couple of years ago that has been on her "wish list" ever since.  This little rifle is in .38 Special caliber, with a straight grip stock and a 20 inch octagon barrel.  These "Competition" models have specially tuned and polished actions, and yes, it is a lot smoother than my 1894 in .44-40.

The new Marlin along with Little Heifer's twin Rugers

Now, if we can just break out of this extremely hot weather cycle, we will try and get out and do some shootin'!  (Yep.  "Too dang hot" has been another of my excuses for doin' nothin' for the last month!)

 Well, It's time to shut down here, So . . . .

'Til next time, Keep 'em shootin' straight, shoot 'em often, and above all, BE SAFE!!!!!

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