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Well, the first thing I have to do this month is put up a new picture of Jennifer.  Last month I had a picture of our Granddaughter, Jennifer, showin’ off her Daddy’s old broken horned buck.  Daddy said it wasn’t very clear, so I must try to do better!  So let’s see how this one looks!

By golly, it does look better don’t it

Since retirement is here, Ann and I want to take up cowboy action shooting.  What better way to turn back the clock to the “playin’ cowboy” years and pack three or four guns?  We need to check with the local SASS club and see if they have room for a couple more members.

We have begun collectin’ the armament for the project though.  For the single action revolvers we have settled on the Ruger brand.  The Little Heifer now sports two Vaqueros in bright finished stainless steel in .357 Magnum caliber.  She will be shooting .38 Special cowboy loads.  Bought a couple boxes of factory ammo to try out, but haven’t worked up a reload yet.

My revolvers are also Vaqueros, one in .44-40 WCF, and the other in .45 Colt.  Both are blued with color case hardened frames.  I’m kinda partial to the .44-40 caliber, so may pick up another one of those so I won’t have to worry about having to keep two kinds of ammo sorted out when shooting.

I did load a few rounds of .44-40 the other day, but haven’t had a chance to run them over the chronograph.  I am using Hogdon’s Titegroup powder, behind a 200 gr. Round Nose Flat Point cast bullet by Oregon Trail.  (As always I won’t print specific load data here, but you can find the recipes in the First Edition of the Laser-Cast Reloading Manual)  With the small powder charges needed to keep the velocity between 700 and 900 feet per second, the powder sorta’ “sloshes” around in the case. So, you don’t know when you pull the trigger, whether the powder is against the bullet, against the primer, or somewhere in between.

Supposedly the Titegroup is formulated to develop close to the same burn characteristics and pressures, no matter where it is in the case when you touch it off.  Time will tell.  If my velocity spreads are too erratic, I may try a trick I’ve read about but haven't used.  Supposedly,  poking a small ball of dacron pillow stuffing fluff on top of the powder charge keeps it back against the primer flash hole and makes for more uniform velocities.

The guns, dies, and reloading components can all be found at, or ordered through any Sportsman’s Warehouse store.  (www.sportsmanswarehouse.com)  They have several more locations in the Northwest, and are opening more all the time so check them out on their web site. 

Well, It's time to shut down here, So . . . .

'Til next time, Keep 'em shootin' straight, shoot 'em often, and above all, BE SAFE!!!!!

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