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VOLUME ONE--------JULY 2002




In our neck of the woods, the occasional cat or small dog disappears. The most likely culprits are coyotes, although we have had a couple of cougar sightings. Most nights, when them coyotes get to serenadin’ one another, it sounds like there’s 100 of them suckers.

Anyway, they sometimes get pretty bold and we get a shot at one. The last one I pulled the trigger on was trottin’ along the driveway about 75 feet from our front door, like he was on a mission. I can attest to the effectiveness of a .25 caliber, 75 grain, Hornady® V MAX® at 3500 FPS. They were designed to be frangible and almost explosive on varmint sized targets, and I’ll be danged if they aint! That big male coyote "passed on" with nary a quiver!

I have an old predator call (cottontail distress) that I’ve tried dozens of times over the years, and aint been able to call in a tame ‘coon hound.

A few weeks ago a coyote crossed the clearing by the shop building and headed into the woods. I grabbed the .25-06 and went outside to be ready if he showed up again. My 6 year old granddaughter brought out the predator call and started makin’ some of the most goshawfull screeches I ever heard! While I was concentratin’ on gettin’ her to shut up, the coyote came back into the clearing, saw us, and hit 5th gear overdrive in two jumps! ‘Way too quick for me to get a shot!

Well, a few weeks later I bought some new calls with an instructional video in the package. The first thing on the video, the maker demonstrates how NOT to blow a predator call! Yep, you guessed it; sounded just like I blew the old one for 35 years! When the ol’ boy got to the "How to do it right" part; Yep, you got it again; sounded just like them noises Jennifer was makin’! Now I know why she brought the coyote back, and why I been scarin’ ‘em off to the high hills all them years!

Next month I plan to discuss the use of the Stoney Point® Overall Length Gauge to measure various bullet seating depths and ultimately how changing the depth affects the accuracy of my Ruger® No. One single shot in .25-06 caliber. I will be testing the same load that caused the demise of the aforementioned yodel dog.

As this is written, I've been busier than the proverbial cat coverin' poop, walkin' a mile for dirt, so the shootin' for groups will have to wait a few weeks. (If things go as planned, six more months will bring retirement, so I plan to get unbusy fast!)

Til next time, Keep ‘em shootin’ straight, shoot ‘em often, and above all, BE SAFE!!!!!


© 2002

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