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VOLUME 13---------------JULY 2003



Here we are at the first of July with very little productive work done here at the ranch so far this summer.  I guess that's what retirement's all about though;  just concentrate on the stuff that you like to do and don't worry about the rest!

Sounds like we will have a little neighborhood get together at Bret and Tammy's on the Fourth.  You may recall from the February news letter, that Bret is the big guy that likes (??) to shoot my .338 Remington Ultra Mag from the bench, with only a tee shirt to cushion the recoil.  I'll have to get Bret's dad, Harry started on that story again at the picnic.  If Bret ever decides to get even with me for that one, I may not survive!

Haven't done any shooting since Rick and I tried out the two new Marlin lever actions on June 2nd.  As reported, the load I had assembled for the .41 Mag with Unique powder and Sierra jacketed bullets would hardly stay on the paper.  So. . . I have now put together some test loads with 215 grain D & J Cast bullets, over an assortment of very light charges of Hodgdon's Titegroup powder.  These will be plinkin' loads that should clock from 700 to 1000 fps from the Model 1894.  I'll try to report on this next month.

As you may have read on the Home Page, The Little Heifer and I live on a little place in the woods, where we have lots of opportunities to observe the antics of the local wildlife.  On Friday the 13th of June, events occurred that may not be believed!

About 7:00 AM we saw one of the resident wild turkeys peckin' the ground about 100 yards southwest of the house, when a yearling whitetail doe came out of the timber and approached the turkey.  Next came a series of events that needed to be seen to be fully appreciated!

The turkey was a young jake, with a beard about 3 inches long, so we had a male/female thing going here.  For about 15 or 20 minutes the turkey would walk around the clearing, go into and back out of the brush, with the little doe following him around like a dog!  At one point the turkey even tried to flog the deer as he apparently was tired of being followed!

Here's Mister Jake Turkey


Here's Ms Doerine Deer Following The Turkey  (Just Visible Behind The Branch Right Center)

One More View Of The Odd Couple

(I apologize for the photo quality.  I'm still learning to run the digital camera, and these were about maximum telephoto extension)

As I watched these antics, some deer/turkey dialogue started running through my mind. . . .

On a beautiful, crisp June morning, Ms Doerine Deer saunters out of the bedding area with munching a few twigs on her mind.  At the same time, Mr Jake Turkey is making his way across the clearing slowly gobbling up some very tasty bugs and worms.

"Well, good mornin' to you, Mr Jake!" purred Ms Doerine.

"Umph!" grumped Mr Jake.

Not at all deterred, Ms Doerine sidled closer, put on her best smile, flipped her little white tail, and said, "Mr Jake, I've been thinkin' about you for weeks!  You just have to be the most handsome, virile looking young specimen of melagris galloparo I've had the pleasure of knowin' in my whole entire life!"

"Umph!" grumped Mr Jake, thinking, If I just ignore the dingy broad, maybe she'll go away and quit stepping on my  bugs!

"Now, Mr Jake, I'm just trying to be nice and let you know that I would like to get MUCH better acquainted!" whined Ms Doerine as she continued to follow along step for step.

"Umph!" grumped Mr Jake, as he continued to plod along pecking bugs.

"Mr Jake, I'm not gonna leave you alone 'til you pay attention to me!" Ms Doerine trilled, stamping one of her tiny hooves.

"Umph!" grumped Mr Jake.

At this point, Mr Jake is getting tired of being bugged, so he begins walking an obstacle course through the trees and brush in an attempt to get this pesky four legged cervine off his tail.

First, it's through the thick stuff for 40 yards, Ms Doerine right behind.  Next, a circle through thicker stuff and under a downed tree, Ms Doerine right behind, jumping over the tree.

Now, back in the clearing, Mr Jake turns and flogs Ms Doerine.  Ms Doerine just dances away, shakes her pretty little head and comes right back to follow along some more.

After it becomes clear that diversionary tactics will not rid him of the obvious amorous intentions of Ms Doerine, Mr Jake escorts her away into the Far West, where, I'm sure they will live happily ever after!

Honest folks, that's just the way it happened!

 Well, It's time to shut down here, So . . . .

'Til next time, Keep 'em shootin' straight, shoot 'em often, and above all, BE SAFE!!!!!

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