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Livin' here in the woods of Northeast Washington gives us lots of opportunity to observe wildlife, sometimes much more than we really like. The Little Heifer gets plumb upset, for instance, when she sees a small herd of deer standin' on the patio eatin' her petunias, mums, and other stuff out of her flowerpots. She wasn't real happy about havin' to quit raisin' roses for lack of an eight foot fence either! The dang things can be a nuisance, that's fer sure!

We did see some interestin' activity between a young whitetail doe and a feral cat the other day.

This ol' yeller tomcat had been comin' around, usually at night, stealin' cat food, and fightin' with our housecat, Pearl. This time, during daylight, the dang tomcat was sneaking around the edges of a clearing just north of our house. This little doe was loafin' around the same clearing. I was just about to get the .25-06 and rid ourselves of the wild cat, when the doe spotted it.

We were treated to some behavior that we had never before observed. The doe started making that whistlin' "snort" sound that usually means surprise, or can't figure something out, or alarm. This time it was clear the "snorts" meant "mad as hell."

The deer would charge the cat every time it came out of the thick brush and trees, all the while making the snortin' noises and stompin' its front feet. When the deer would charge, the cat would dart back into the thick stuff. This game of "cat n deer" went on for several minutes. All this time the deer was snortin' fast and furious. I'm surprised the dang deer didn't hyperventilate and pass out!

Finally the cat decided it had enough, and ran like a yeller streak across the clearing, around the back of the shop building, and into the brush at full speed, with the deer right on its heels! I guess the doe was satisfied with getting' the cat out of her territory, 'cause she calmed down and went back to just standin' around.

The interestin' thing is; The dad blamed cat aint been back!! Guess it figured it would hang out somewhere the deer were a little more laid back!

Had an opportunity to try one of the new toys in the ol' toybox the other day. I switched scopes on two of the Little Heifer's rifles so they needed to be bore sighted. The new toy used to do the job is a laser bore sighter from Stoney Point Products. (www.stoneypoint.com) This unit goes into a bolt action rifle from the breech end, adjusts to the length of the action, and locks in place with a stem that fits into the bolt handle's slot. You then adjust the rear of the fixture so the laser beam is projecting down the center of the bore.

Next, you secure the rifle in a solid rest and project the red laser beam on a wall or other flat surface at either 12.5 or 25 yards from the muzzle. Then adjust the scope's reticle to be one inch above the red dot if sighting at 12.5 yards, or right on the dot if sighting at 25 yards.

I have used collimators that have the caliber specific spuds that insert into the muzzle, as well as one that attaches to the end of the barrel by magnet. Either of these will usually get you on the paper at 25 yards, but sometimes not at 100 yards. Well, with this outfit, I started with one shot at 25 yards from each of the rifles. The .243 was less than one half inch off and the 7mm-08, less than three quarters of an inch!

Of course, we can just multiply those measurements by four and have a good idea about how far we would be off center at 100 yards. (Two inches and Three inches respectively) This turned out to be pretty close, as it took very little adjustment to get both rifles printing about one inch high at the 100 yard mark.

Unfortunately, I ordered my unit directly from the factory before my favorite local store, the Sportsman's Warehouse, (www.sportsmanswarehouse.com) started stocking them, so it cost me about $100. If I had waited a few months, I could have bought the dang thing right here in town for under 80 bucks!

So, to make a long story longer; It looks like this laser bore sighter will not only get you on the paper at 100 yards, but fairly close to center as well! Give one a try!

Well, it's time to shut down here, So...

'Til next time, Keep 'em shootin' straight, shoot 'em often, and above all, BE SAFE!!!!!

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