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One of my recent purchases at Sportsman’s Warehouse (www.sportsmanswarehouse.com) is a coyote howler by Dr. Ed Sceery. Dr. Sceery has researched coyote behavior for several years, and testimonials would indicate, has some highly effective calls.

This one has an external reed and takes some practice to get it to sound like a howl. One rainy Saturday I watched and listened to the instructional video that came with the call. Since I aint allowed to pratice callin’ in the house, I stepped outside the basement family room door to give ‘er a try. My initial efforts sounded like a cross between chicken squawks and a lovesick camel, but finally I got out a couple of howls that sounded OK to me.

Must’ve sounded OK to a coyote too, as one came out of the ditch about 50 yards North of the house about 20 seconds after I ran out of air. The rifle that I religiously take out of the gun safe and keep ready to go when I’m at home, was upstairs in the closet!

Well, I think that ol’ boy traveled the hills tellin’ all his friends, "Don’t go to any of them chicken squawkin’, howlin’ noises you hear, ‘cause there’ll be a PEOPLE standin’ right where they're comin’ from!" Anyhow, several more tries over the last few weeks have produced zero coyotes!

Speakin' of coyotes, I gotta' tell ya' about the Little Heifer's pointin' cat. Yep, you read it right, she has an old gray alley cat that points game just like a bird dog! (I can hear you sayin' now that this is a big windy tale, but I'll swear it's gospel!) When Pearl the cat is outside on the deck and sees some wildlife, she comes to attention and stares at it just like a pointin' dog.

One Saturday Pearl wanted out, and when she went on the deck, she immediately went on point. Closer inspection revealed a coyote coming up the draw behind the house. A quick trip to the closet for the 30-30 let the dang thing almost get away, but she made a fatal hesitation and met up with a 150 grain flat nose running about 2200 fps! As the Mountain Man said about the buffler, "right through the lights!"

If anyone readin' this knows a real good "cat trainer," please drop me an e mail. My goal is to get Pearl to ignore the birds and other insignificant fauna, and only point 5 X 5 or better whitetail bucks, bull elk with at least one antler showing above the hairline, coyotes of any size or sex, and anything else that digs holes in my yard!

If we can get all that accomplished, then we'll sell the dang cat!!!

I've been workin' on a deer load for the Little Heifer's 7mm-08. I'm using the Hornady SST 139 Grain bullet. I keep readin' good things about the polymer tipped bullets like the Hornady SST, VMAX, and AMAX, Swift Scirocco, and Nosler Ballistic Tip. By all accounts they are very accurate, and some tests I have read have them shootin' even flatter than their high ballistic coefficients would indicate they should!

The loads I have developed are with Hodgdon's Varget powder, Winchester cases, and CCI 200 primers. I will not print specific loads here, except to say I got the recipe from Hodgdon's No. 27 Data Manual, and they are not maximum in that source.

I have chronographed five different powder charges in half grain increments. I am getting from 2500 to 2650 fps with the upper end loads, measured 12 feet from the muzzle. These velocities are 150 to 200 fps slower that the manual indicates, but they were using a 24 inch test barrel, while my wife's Remington Model Seven is a youth model with only a 20 inch tube.

The next step will be to do some accuracy testing with the 2600 to 2650 fps loads. I'll report on that in a future edition.

Well, it's time to shut down here, So…

'Til next time, Keep 'em shootin' straight, shoot 'em often, and above all, BE SAFE!!!!!

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