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VOLUME 27-----------SEPTEMBER 2004



OK, OK!  I know I'm late again; you don't have to be so obnoxious about it!  It's only September 3rd, so it could be worse.

I really, really, do have a good excuse this time though.  Little Heifer has finally decreed that there will be no more procrastinatin' about gettin' on with the bathroom remodel that I have been promising since last spring.

So, the old cabinets and sink are removed, and the ceiling texture went on this afternoon.  The next step will be to paint the ceiling, and I can't do that 'til the drywall compound I used for texture, dries and cures.  So, I'm gonna write this tonight!  (If I don't get caught)

Fall huntin' seasons are upon us!  Black Bear and Cougar opened August 1st in this area.  (Aint seen none of either)  Forest Grouse opened September 1st.  (Up 'til Augst 31st, we were shooing ruffed grouse out of the driveway to avoid running over them - Aint seen none since September 1st)

General Fall Turkey season opens September 25th.  This hunt is open to anyone who didn't take 2 turkeys during the spring season, and either sex may be taken.  Yes, we have been inundated with turkeys all summer, to the point that we are thinking of opening a garden fertilizer operation to sell the turkey poop we have scraped off the driveway and patio!

These pictures were taken from our West deck on July 8th.  Those little fellers in the pictures are now big fellers, and any one of them would be mighty tasty, right out of Rick's turkey fryer!


Herd of Turkeys

(Say that one 'balking tackwards')

I expect to see zero turkeys from September 25th through October 1st.

Early deer season runs from October 16th through 29th.  As I reported in last month's newsletter, I am the only family member who was successful in the drawing for an extra antlerless tag this year.  This tag can only be used during this early season.  (Ann, Rick, and I all drew last year, and we all filled our tags)

This 2nd tag is an effort to check the population growth, and try to keep the local deer herd from further exceeding the available habitat.  I may have to recruit a couple of friends to help us out here.

Here again, we have been saturated with deer, so filling both the regular and extra tags should be no problem; Right?  As these pictures, taken August 25th show, the dang deer like our driveway too!


Deer, Deer, Everywhere

This little buck is still in velvet, but the antler growth should be about over.  Another couple of weeks should see the bucks begin to shed the velvet in preparation for the 'big show' in mid November.  This yearling is still running with the young girls, but the bigger bucks will stay in small bachelor groups until belligerence gets in their blood in a few weeks.

We saw a 10 point and an 8 point behind the house the other day, either of which, I'd be glad to hang on the wall!  Yes, I know some of you won't agree with those point counts.  (To see my view on counting antler points on whitetail deer, check out the December 2003 newsletter.)

We gotta squeeze some range time into the gaps during this dang bathroom project.  All the deer rifles need to be checked for zero before opening day, and some new powder and bullet combinations for the .300 Win Mag and the 7mm-08 are just begging to be checked out!

I think I'll get out early in the morning and see if some of those grouse are hangin' out in the driveway again.  I need a couple to check out a new cooking method I've been using for chicken.  Hopefully, this will keep the grouse from getting too dry as they sometimes do when oven roasted.

One of our gas grills is a 'Holland' brand, which has a feature that works a little differently than a normal grill.  The stainless steel drip pan under the grate has a valve that can be closed to hold liquid in the pan and the meat is steamed while it is cooking.

I have been cooking 'Drunken Chicken' on the Holland this summer.  Whole chickens are washed, coated with a commercial 'poultry rub' of some kind, and cooked for 2 to 2 hours.  Instead of water in the drip pan, I use a couple of cans of beer, with a dash of liquid smoke added.  Ummmm good!  I'm hoping this method will make the grouse as tasty as the chicken.

This month's Hillbilly Wisdom comes from a story my Grandma Beulah used to tell:

"Don't leave the starch rag outside on the well curb to dry, 'cause the cat might swallow it!"

Grandma swore this actually happened to one of her cats, and it needed some assistance.  The cat was lying on the cellar door with the end of the rag hanging out, obviously having serious difficulty.

Grandma said, "I set my foot on the end of that rag, and that ol' cat clawed his way up the cellar door 'til the durn thing passed!"

Well, It's time to shut down here, So . . . .

'Til next time, Keep 'em shootin' straight, shoot 'em often, and above all, BE SAFE!!!!!

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